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You Should Have Asked: The Art of Powerful Conversation

You Should Have Asked: The Art of Powerful Conversation

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By Stuart Knight

Have you ever stopped to think about the role conversation plays in your life? The human mind is the greatest circus on earth and with the right questions you get to swing from rafters, fight lions, and jump through rings of fire. And every circus is different, each with the potential to take you in an unexpected journey.

Whether it is the police officer pulling you over, or a colleague in the next cubicle, every person you meet has a fascinating story to tell. This book helps you arrive at the next chapter and pushes you to read further into yourself. Ask the right question and you will attract your dream job, move deeper into your relationship and get across the border in a timely fashion. 

It was powerful conversations that put a man on the moon, pulled innocent women from behind bars, and placed your fork on the left side of your plate. The deliberate exchange of words can ignite our next advrenture, help us understand our shortcomings and confirm our beliefs. We are the true conductors of our fate and the interpreters of our past. By committing ourselves to the art of powerful conversations, we become the leaders of the moment. 

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