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Queen's Feminist Review: Volume 18, 2010

Queen's Feminist Review: Volume 18, 2010

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By Queen's Social Issues Commission

Queen's Feminist Review is a safe space for dangerous ideas. We will engage the Kingston community in feminist thought, expression and activism, and we won't shy away from debate. This is an anti-oppressive publication and we take responsibility for it, from providing warning before violent content to reviewing and improving our accessibility and sustainability. Our mandate is to encourage and feature a broad range of voices and opinions, with an emphasis on the importance of intersectionality and unique identity.  Artistic merit is one of our goals, but it is not our primary goal. QFR is a source of strength but also a source of conflict; we will challenge the status quo and support the people and organizations who fight it. QFR will celebrate historical and current feminisms, but will also celebrate the new movements and activism that are so necessary to change our world. 

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