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Life After ArtSci: Alumni Networking Summit (Fall 2018)


Life After ArtSci facilitates the opportunity for you to engage with successful Arts and Science alumni from diverse sectors. Attendees will hear from leaders in emerging industries and CEOs, all of whom graduated from Queen’s Arts and Science. From the medical cannabis industry to international consulting to philanthropy, Life After ArtSci will discuss careers in every sector. With a networking catered lunch and workshops facilitated by Career Services, you will have the resources to propel your professional career. Life After ArtSci will challenge the question “What can you do with an Arts and Science degree?” and prove any profession is possible.

For only $10 you have the opportunity to hear from dozens of Queen's alumni, attend multiple workshops, and participate in a catered networking lunch. This event is on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018. 


9:00AM: Registration
9:30AM: Opening Remarks
9:45AM: Keynote Speaker
10:30AM: Career Services Workshops (Networking and LinkedIn)
11:30AM: Panels
- Politics & Policy or,
- Healthcare, Medicine & Biotechnology
12:30PM: Catered Networking Lunch
1:30PM: Panels
- Entrepreneurship & Innovation or,
- Non-profits & Social Enterprises
2:30PM: Closing Keynote
3:30PM: Closing Remarks

*Students choose which panels/workshops they would prefer to attend when registering (first come first serve)

Fore more information, be sure to visit:!