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Direct Action: Memoirs of an Urban Guerilla

Direct Action: Memoirs of an Urban Guerilla

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By Ann Hansen

Ann Hansen stood trial as one of the so-called "Squamish Five." Sentenced to life in prison, she served seven years. Now she tells her story for the first time.

Direct Action captures the excitement and indignation of the counterculture of the early '80s. Missile tests were fuelling a new arms race. Reckless megaprojects threatened the global environment. Alienation, punk rock, and militancy were on the rise. Hansen and her fellow urban guerillas believed that sabotaging government and corporate property could help turn things around. To prove their point, they bombed the Litton Systems plant in Toronto, where components for Cruise Missiles were being made.

Hansen's book poses unresolved ethical dilemmas. In light of the recent explosion of anti-globalization protests, Direct Action mirrors the resurgence of militant activity around the world.

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